Signing Up For Your First Class

First time on Core to Coeur? We’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find a short step-by-step guide to signing up for your first class on Core to Coeur.

1. Start at the homepage.

Look at the top right of your browser and click the “Sign up” button. Simple!

2. Go through the short sign-up process.

Since you’re a student, make sure to click on the “Student” option in the drop down.

3. View your “My C2C Page”.

After signing up, jump into the “My C2C Page” (you can always navigate to this page by clicking on the circle figure in the top right).

This is will be home base for you on Core to Coeur — this page is where all of your favorite teachers’ offerings will show up, and where you’ll even sign up directly for classes.

But how do you know which teachers on Core to Coeur are your favorite? We’re so glad you asked! See the Search Bar on the top left of your browser? If you have a specific teacher in mind, search their name (and if you’re doing that skip to Step 4). If you’re not quite sure what kind of teacher you’d like, type in “All” into the browser (or just hit your “enter” button on your keyboard). You can also navigate to this same place clicking on the “Browse Teachers” page on your drop down menu (top right).

Once you’re there, you’ll see a list of instructors that meet your specific (or general) criteria — much like the photo you see below.

4. Start selecting your favorite teachers.

Once you’ve clicked on a teacher’s profile, you can start “favoriting” them to have their profiles and teaching schedule populate automatically on your “My C2C Page” Pretty awesome!

You can select your favorite instructors by clicking on the heart button at the bottom left of their photos. A quick precaution — our teachers are world class, so you’ll probably end up “favoriting” more than you can count :)

Head back to your “My C2C Page” when you’re ready —

— and your teacher’s classes and calendar will have already populated on your “My C2C Page”. Magic!

On the left hand side of your “My C2C Page”, you’ll now see your curated list of different “Digital Studios”. In your middle feed, you’ll also see your upcoming classes, as well as an option to view a direct list of all of your favorite teachers’ upcoming scheduled classes. Each teacher has a different approach to offering their services on Core to Coeur. Some will host weekly group classes, others will host one to one classes (private classes). Teachers can also host workshops and one-way livestream classes.

This is your opportunity to explore and decide what class types resonate with you! We’ll also keep our students up to date on new teachers and class offerings as they arrive.

5. Purchasing Class Credits.

Core to Coeur offers flexible ways to pay for your classes week by week, month by month. You must purchase credits (or already have credits) before you sign up for any new class, so head to your “Manage Plan” page to pick up some credits. You can navigate over to the “Manage Plan” page by using the dropdown underneath your profile icon (found on the top right).

5. Select your monthly plan (or purchase up to 10 credits / per month).

Next comes deciding how you want to subscribe or buy credits — we provide some information in the following paragraphs, and you can also check out the Core Pack Article here for more details!

In short, you have three ways to think about how you’ll sign up for your first class! It’s important to remember — even if you can’t use your credits all in one month, your credits will roll over (for up to a year) — and you can always pause your membership to catch up. In other words, credits are yours to spend how you please for up to 12 months after they’re purchased.

Here are the three ways to think about purchasing credits for your first time:

  • (1) If you have a clear idea of how many classes you’ll be taking on Core to Coeur and know how much your teachers charge per class, purchase a Core Pack that’s slightly less and then top up to your exact credits when/if you run out.
  • (2) If you’re unsure of how many classes you’ll take, choose our least expensive option and top up with credits as needed throughout the month. You’ll be able to gauge how many classes you’ll need in time.
  • (3) If you’re not quite sure you’re ready to commit to Core to Coeur (or know you’ll only be able to take a group class or two a month), you can always purchase individual credits monthly without purchasing a full monthly membership.

6. Enter your payment details.

When you’ve decided on a monthly credit plan (or one-time credit purchase) that works for you, enter your credit/debit card details. You can change your card choice (or credit subscription) at any time!

8. Ready, set, sign up!

Once you’ve purchased credits, head back to your “My C2C Page” and start signing up for classes directly from the “Teachers I Love” column.

When your class is just ready to start (or a few minutes before), log back into the platform. At the top of your page you will see a “Launch Upcoming Class” button in the right-hand corner.

Not sure what to bring to class for your first time? Make sure to read this article on prepping your space for class beforehand, and troubleshooting your own technology before logging in for the first time.

9. Join class.

After you click on the “Launch Upcoming Class” button, you’ll be routed through Zoom to take class. Your instructor will admit you to class once they see you’ve arrived. Go ahead! They’re waiting for you!

10. Take class.

That’s it —it’s really as simple as that. Enjoy your first class!

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Core to Coeur is the marketplace for teaching and taking live movement, wellness, and fitness.

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