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Frequently Asked Questions for Live Video-Enabled Classes

Core to Coeur has many of our most common questions on the FAQ portion of our website. Refer to this article as a fast way to get immediate answers for current questions based on customer feedback. As always, we’re here to help. Reach out to us any time at

Questions on Space and Tech Set Up:

Core to Coeur is a platform of digital studios for movement and wellness, where teachers instruct live, video-enabled classes. We pride ourselves in having a premier team of trustworthy teachers who will guide you through online exercise with safety and joy. Teachers are able to see you in real time and provide feedback, just like an in-person class. Alternatively, take your class without your camera on if you desire more privacy.

Check out our live chat button at the bottom right of your screen on Core to Coeur. We have a dedicated support team between the hours of 8am-8pm PST. You can also message your teacher directly through Core to Coeur and they’ll walk you through set up.

Check your Internet Speed Test on your device and space you’ll be in (make sure it isn Kbps). For a group video call, minimum download speed of 512Kbps and a minimum upload speed of 128Kbps.

A Group Class is remote- all class participants are on different screens in different places. You do not have to make your own group to attend. If you’d like to form a Private Group Class with friends or family, please email the C2C team directly: with the names of the participants, desired time of your class in Pacific Standard Time Zone, and the 3 desired teacher for this class.

Core to Coeur is best optimized for laptop/desktops with our C2C mobile app coming soon in the new year. If you’re traveling, phones and tablets work well, but remember the formatting might be a bit different until the release of the mobile application! If you plan to take class from your phone/tablet, be sure to download the Zoom app, so you can access the digital studio before class starts.

All of our props are available for purchase on our Equipment Page; alternatively if they include strap, block, bolster, blanket, or small squishy ball they can be easily substituted for objects around the house.

Strap: belt of a robe, sash, towel, bed sheet, or scrap piece of fabric

Block: heavy, hard-cover books (Harry Potter books are our favorite, perfect thickness)

Bolster: Larger pillows that can cover about the whole length of your torso.

Blanket: Any blanket or piece of fabric that you wouldn’t mind sliding around your floor.

Small Squishy Ball: Pillows that cover the length of the back of your pelvis, or any other small ball (tennis ball, racquetball, lacross ball, you get the picture).

Questions on Credits and Membership:

The credit system is a way for our students to take classes from teachers who have different pricing on group classes, privates, and workshops. They create a unified way to mix and match teachers and offerings day to day, month to month. Roughly 1 credit = $5 depending on the Core Pack. Choose a Core Pack subscription and top upon credits as you need more. Not ready to commit? Purchase up to 10 credits per month a-la-carte before you purchase a monthly membership.

You can add/edit your class schedule within the cancellation window without charge on your My C2C Account Page, or simply email Please reach out to your teacher directly for last minute cancellations due to sickness or emergencies over the messaging app on Core to Coeur. Please know that under most circumstances Core to Coeur teachers will charge in full for any missed or late cancellations outside of their cancellation window.

Yes; do not cancel your membership but email and tell us how long you’d like your membership to be on hold for. Credits are your’s to use for up to 12 months after purchase.

Yes, but both people need to have signed up (and pay) for the class; we recommend using one screen to not slow the signal of the WiFi.

Please email Core to Coeur directly at to process payment for another person.

Credits are yours to use for up to 12 months after you’ve purchased them.

For every dollar earned, the pay split is 80% to teachers with a 20% platform fee for Core to Coeur. In other words, for every $1 generated by teachers, 80 cents goes into the teacher’s pocket, and 20 cents goes to Core to Coeur.

Core to Coeur takes care of the end to end process for both teachers and students wanting to meet and workout online. We use the platform fee to help us cover the following features:

  • Zoom License (under Core to Coeur)
  • Payment Processing
  • Client/Teacher Messaging
  • Scheduling / Calendaring
  • Emails (every class booked/cancelled)
  • Tech Support
  • Founder/ Team /Community Support
  • Development Team (ensuring seamless end to end process for your students)

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Core to Coeur is the marketplace for teaching and taking live movement, wellness, and fitness.

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