Hint: Get a class buddy or your partner.

Setting up your first week of virtual classes on Core to Coeur

by Madison Page, CEO + Co-Founder of Core to Coeur

Thanks Neil.

1. Start off with a realistic plan.

Physical humor by the iconic Jim. We love you Jim.

2. Set up your schedule when you feel stable and grateful.

3. Set a budget and stick to it.

4. Decide beforehand if you’ll take class with your camera on or off.

Prepare to sign on a bit early to let your teacher know beforehand what’s going on with your body if anything.

Make sure you can see the teacher.

Take a moment to journal afterward — what about this class did you like? Did you not like?

Find an accountability buddy.

Find a buddy that makes you feel like this.

Madison Page is the CEO and Co-Founder of Core to Coeur —Online Classes to Meet and Move. You can find more about Core to Coeur and who we serve on our Instagram, join The Community Group on Facebook, or Twitter. Or simply head to coretocoeur.com to try a virtual yoga or movement class on C2C.

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