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In this edition, highlights include how yoga and meditation can be used to ease chronic pain, research on white supremacy in wellness, and how to practice self love.

A new frontier for intersectional movement, fitness, and wellness is taking shape. The Forward Fold makes sure we all keep up together.

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Yoga and Meditation / Chronic Pain. An Oregon based scientific study finds mindfulness-based stress reduction courses help participants cope with pain — Read

White Supremacy in Yoga. While the sacred Indian practice is an integral source of wellness for millions, it has become a hotbed for the spread of racism and COVID-19 conspiracy theories — Read

Dancing With Our Doctors? Core to Coeur movement teacher and artist Alison Waldman reimagines hospitals as a place for building community, creativity, and healing through movement — Watch

Black History Boot Camp. A 21-day walking challenge from our friends at GirlTrek is here for black women to walk together in community before the election. Walk and dial into their community call — Learn More

Increasing Mindfulness in The Workplace. Businesses with mindful teams are better equipped to compete in today’s ever-changing environment — Read

Being a Female Entrepreneur During Lockdown. With the new normal of home-schooling, childcare, family life and working from home, this panel brings a discussion on the pros and cons of female business ownership during COVID-19 — Watch

50 Actions to Cultivate Self Love. 50 practical and manageable things to practice more self love throughout your day — Read

Gold Your Vote. Gold Collective, an LA performance group (some of our favorite Los Angeles dance performers, intellectuals, and C2C teachers) started a meeting space for election-oriented activities from now until the election in their new digital studio on C2C — Count Me In

#pilateshuman. Adam Mcatee and Anula Maiberg start an Instagram hashtag challenge encouraging people to take videos and images of themselves being an imperfect human practicing Pilates — Participate

Desire, Power and Wellness. Attend Abcdyogi’s first ever panel discussion (virtual) on the intersection of Queer x South Asian x Wellness practices — RSVP

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