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In this edition, we’re learning best practices for virtual holiday parties and tips on how to support women-identifying entrepreneurs. Plus a special intro to our new gift card in the Final Notes Section!

A new frontier for intersectional movement, fitness, and wellness is taking shape. The Forward Fold makes sure we all keep up together.

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Mindfulness — A Cancer Survivor’s Tool. A new UCLA study find that mindfulness, meditation, and survivorship programs can help breast cancer survivors under age 50 overcome depression and other problems — Read

Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party. This year’s holiday season will be different. We recommend staying at home as much as possible depending on local COVID-19 regulations. However, it is important to keep our spirits up and socializing with loved ones may just be a great way to that. Here’s some unique tips on how to have a successful virtual holiday party Read

Virtual Training is Top Trend For 2021. According to WTS International, “virtual fitness” is one of three top wellness trends you can expect in 2021. If you’re reading this, you probably already agree :) — Read

How Americans Came to Distrust Science. This piece takes a look at wellness more holistically — it’s an interesting look at the role science has played in society and how we can repair the mistrust that exists today — Read

Practical Ways to Support Women-Identified Entrepreneurs. Here is a quick hit list on things we can do year-round (not just during the holidays) to support our favorite women-owned businesses — Read

Zoom Fails And Other Mishaps. A British journalist’s take on her Zoom fails and mishaps and how her routine has been transformed overall — Learn

#HOMEBODYANDPROUD. Join our #homebodyandproud campaign as we redefine how we’ve survived this year with resilience! Here’s how to play — post an Instagram photo or video each day according to the daily prompt using the hashtag #homebodyandproud, and tag @CoretoCoeur to notify our team based on the daily prompts. Share your story and how you’re figuring out ways to embrace your homebody for a surprise daily giveaway, or head to our Instagram to behold these portraits of some of our students and teachers, all shot over FaceTime — Join

Core to Coeur Gift Cards. They’re Here! Give the gift of movement! Core To Coeur Gift Cards are now available. Just click on the link — Sign Up

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Have you heard? We launched a new podcast called ‘Stretched!’ Co-Hosted by our very own Madison Page (C2C Founder and Teacher) and Co-Host Liz Getman (C2C Yoga and Meditation Teacher). Every week, Liz and Maddy talk all things equity, inclusion, and entrepreneurship in this weekly podcast! On our latest episode we have our first guest, activist and yogi Rebby Kern. Support our vision of inclusive wellness! Episodes out weekly — you can subscribe anywhere podcasts are played (Apple, Spotify, Overcast, etc.) or Listen Here!

This week Core to Coeur celebrates our #homebody. We hope to hear as many of your #homebodyandproud stories as possible. We’ll see you on Instagram!

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