Welcome to a brand new edition of Core to Coeur’s The Forward Fold, a monthly publication on the latest movement, fitness, and wellness news. We curate the most important wellness articles and podcasts, the latest in evidence-based movement research, upcoming workshops worth attending and more.

In this edition, we’re learning how remote work is changing us by affecting our bodies, how urban landscapes might evolve as a result of the pandemic, and how to navigate political differences within family systems (something top of mind for all of us these days).

A new frontier for intersectional movement, fitness, and wellness is taking shape. The Forward Fold makes sure we all keep up together.

Let’s Make Moves,

— Team Core to Coeur

Remote Working is Changing us. With recent data points, we’re just starting to learn what working from home does to our stress levels, creativity, and productivity, plus how to to cope with these changes — Read

Coming Together / Dance Collective. NY Times’ writer Gia Koulas takes a deep dive into 1970s Grand Union dance collective encouraging readers that “a collective is something to work for” Read

Family Politics. The political conversations will continue long after the U.S. Election. A few points to consider when family members disagree politically — Learn

Pandemic Cities. Previous pandemics have taught us that while tragic, they force cities to make architectural and city planning changes, usually for the better. Can we expect the same for this pandemic? — Learn

Staying Sane During Election Week. Core to Coeur teachers share their resources, resilience and calming practices during this week, recorded and free on Instagram. Look for the pink square for the start of these posts — Practice

Popping for Parkinson’s. Watch this choreography video of dancer, choreographer, and founder of Popping for Parkinsons Simone Sisterelli. He’s practicing this combination he’ll teach to his dancers over Zoom as part of his grassroots project teaching pop and locking to people with Parkinson’s. — Watch

Lord of the Dance: A Yoga Sequence. Amber Karne, founder of Body Positive Yoga, leads an accessible Natarajasana (Lord of Dance) sequence with an additional chair variation — Read

Tips to Relieve Election & Pandemic Stress. We’ve had our share of stress relief articles, and here is one more — Learn

Work-From-Home Injuries. The pandemic of health problems arise from months of clacking away on home sofas and desks. Chiropractors and specialists weigh in — Read

Encouraging Older Adults to Stay Active & Safe. The National Council on Aging publishes resources that encourage older adults to stay active and staying safe during the pandemic — Read

From Trauma Informed to Trauma Transforming. Our friends at Accessible Yoga featured a blog post reframing and progressing a trauma-informed yoga practice — Learn

A Virtual Ballet Fall Intensive. Joffrey Texas hosts six virtual classes from five diverse professional dance teachers from Radio City Music Hall, to dancing in An American in Paris on November 28 — Sign Up

BIPOC for BIPOC Movement Exchange. November 6th, 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST. The BIPOC for BIPOC Movement Exchange cultivates a genuine practice to feel restored and balanced. Each teacher will share their practices for this special gathering for beautiful BIPOC beings. Pay what you can, and for allies, pay it forward — Sign Up / Pay it Forward

Chakra Workshop: Explore the chakra system in this introductory chakra workshop. Explore how they connect to our physical, mental, and psychological functioning with Tanisha Hubbard Hood — Sign Up

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