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Welcome to a brand new edition of Core to Coeur’s The Forward Fold, a monthly publication on the latest movement, fitness, and wellness news. Every month, we curate the most important wellness articles and podcasts, the latest in evidence-based movement research, upcoming workshops worth attending, and much more.

In this edition, you’ll find lessons on allyship with a recent article covering our new C2C teacher Rebby Kern, coping with anxiety, the importance of fitness (after 50), and much more!

A new frontier for intersectional movement, fitness, and wellness is taking shape. The Forward Fold makes sure we all keep up together.

Let’s Make Moves,

- Team Core to Coeur

The Importance Of Fitness After 50. Specialists stress the need to keep up with a balanced exercise routine after 50 — Learn

Yoga For Comfort In Anxious Times. More people are turning to yoga as a way to deal with stress, anxiety and depression — Read

Extinction Denialism And How To Fight A Growing Anti-Science Movement. A new study explores ways in which denialists seek to undermine evidence on biodiversity loss — and how science might fight back — Learn

Being Grateful & Mindful During Difficult Times. This piece is a great science-based approach to mindfulness — and how it can benefit everyone from business leaders to college interns (especially during difficult times) — Read

Toxic Positivity. Let’s be real — being upbeat around friends and family is a good thing. But at what point does your positivity mean glossing over the challenges and frustrations of others? — Learn

COVID-19 / Female Entrepreneurs. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit female-run enterprises particularly hard, especially in developing countries. Some believe the implications will not only affect economic independence, but also hurt the future of all female-led businesses — Read

A Gender Bias Workshop Turns Into A Lesson In Allyship. Core to Coeur Yoga Workshop teacher Rebby Kern deals, and triumphs, in the aftermath of what should have been a poignant opportunity to demonstrate allyship for this global fitness company — Read

Accessible Yoga Conference. Our friends at the Accessible Yoga Conference just announced the dates for their virtual summit from October 9–11, 2020! Some of the team at C2C will be in attendance — see you there? — Count Me In

Walk This Way. Our favorite bio-mechanist Katy Bowman and fascia expert Jill Miller join forces to co-lead this recorded on gait mechanics. Not to be missed by movement nerds and curious movers alike! — Count Me In

This section is always reserved for important updates in our movement community! Want to be featured in our next edition? Tell us what’s going on in your world by emailing us at

September has started with a bang as C2C continues to grow and build our dream team! Please welcome our new team members Whitney Alexander (Operations), Tanisha Hubbard-Hood (Community Manager Intern), Julio Montero (Teacher Liason), and Claire Kolln (Engineer). Alongside Maddy, Derek, Phil, Veronica, Emily and Lucas, we’re poised to continue serving our teachers, students, and movers! We can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on :)

Thanks for being part of our launch story, and we can’t wait to see YOU in class. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get more involved as a teacher or new student — check us out on, or email us, follow us on Twitter, or DM us on Instagram!

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Core to Coeur is the marketplace for teaching and taking live movement, wellness, and fitness.

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