The Forward Fold Edition #19

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Welcome to a brand new edition of Core to Coeur’s The Forward Fold, a monthly publication on the latest movement, fitness, and wellness news. We curate the most important wellness articles and podcasts, the latest in evidence-based movement research, upcoming workshops worth attending and more.

In this edition, we are reminded that we are never ‘too old’ to discover a new movement practice; we throw cold water on some commonly held recovery beliefs; and Catherine Stifter offers a five-minute video to show your lower extremities some love during a day at your desk. In the Final Notes column, we invite our students and teachers to help us improve our platform with a paid Focus Group Opportunity!

A new frontier for intersectional movement, fitness, and wellness is taking shape. The Forward Fold makes sure we all keep up together.

Let’s Make Moves,

- Team Core to Coeur

Movement(s) Matter(s)

Zoe Weiner highlights how a ‘pay-what-you-can’ business model revolutionizes access to wellness for marginalized communities — Learn

Read one man’s journey to discovering yoga online… just one year shy of his 90th birthday — Read

German gymnasts take a stand against sexualization in gymnastics and encourage girls to set their own boundaries — Read

Help other concerned citizens with their mission to alleviate the current oxygen crisis in India through the Mission Oxygen movement — Contribute

Wellness Research

Most of us are familiar with the myriad benefits of practicing yoga as adults, but a recent study from The Journal of Child and Family Studies highlights the benefits of a Kundalini Yoga practice for children’s overall development — Read

A new study from The Journal of Applied Physiology suggests using ice on sore muscles may actually double recovery time — Learn

Harvard researchers demonstrate how learning a new skill (like adding a new movement practice) benefits the body and the mind as we age — Learn

A revolutionary, reusable, affordable respirator launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to build a new generation of eco-friendly masks; meaning YOU can invest in the future of new company — Learn

Our Community

From C2C’s own Catherine Stifter, this five minute video shows love to places that don’t always love us back when we’re at our desks all day. Five minutes, you can do it! — Watch Now

From our colleague and friend Tristan Katz Creative, a downloadable marketing resource written especially for wellness teachers “who feel like marketing their work is gross, icky, or even unbearable” — Download

Jacques d’Amboise, credited for smashing conventional ballet stereotypes, founded the National Dance Institute five decades ago. This local New Hampshire publication explains his significance to thousands of young dancers — Remember

Join C2C CEO for Core to Coeur’s *NEW* Strategy Sessions for building your online studio! First up — Branding and Levers. Open to just 10 participants for safe experimentation, learn how to craft your personal teaching brand and what levers to pull to fuel your studio growth. Session will be recorded upon sign up! May 21, 1:15pm PST — Sign Up

If you’re a C2C Teacher please join us in community to talk about our upcoming ads, new features, and as always, our time to chit chat. Led by our Teacher Community Manager, Tanisha Hood! — Sign Up

. Because of this community, we were able to offer 15 spaces free of charge to last week’s BIPOC Movement Exchange while also supporting the teachers that make this exchange possible — Thank You All!

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Final Notes

If you are a current student or teacher on Core to Coeur, you’re invited to a 30 minute Focus Group Session in exchange for 3 credits ($15). We’ll be using this time to go deep into how we can improve our platform and community for you. Limited to 10 participants — Sign Up

Episode 5 of Stretched! features Galina Denzel, founder of Pure Belonging. Galina uses a somatic approach to healing food disorders, with roots in nervous system and relational research. Join in after the healing conversation as Galina guides us through a 5 minute nervous system regulation exercise you can use in the midst of anxious or unpleasant moments.

We can’t wait to see YOU in class. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get involved as a teacher or new student — check us out on, or email us, follow us on Twitter, or DM us on Instagram!

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