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Welcome to another edition of Core to Coeur’s The Forward Fold, a bi-weekly publication on the latest movement, fitness, and wellness news. Every two weeks, we curate the most important wellness articles and podcasts, the latest in evidence-based movement research, upcoming workshops worth attending, and much more.

In this edition we highlight new ways to think about your dreams (during a pandemic), new research on online movement-information credibility, and a fresh list of curated documentaries that span injustice, discrimination, and privilege (across multiple continents).

A new frontier for movement, fitness, and wellness is taking shape. The Forward Fold makes sure we all keep up together.

Let’s Make Moves,

The Core to Coeur Family

Movement Matters

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Dreaming Weird These Days? Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists weigh in on why the pandemic may be affecting our dream state more than we think — Read

Moving in a Pandemic. This piece articulates how to find “joy in movement” — even while you may be experiencing a precarious outside environment like our current one — Read

How Credible are Online Exercise Resources? In just two short decades, the internet has become the preferred source for information around physical activity and fitness. A formal literature review was conducted to answer — “are these resources even credible?” — Read

Wellness Research

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Support Bubble. The UK has announced a new initiative that aims to allow citizens to enter one another’s homes for support (so long as they do not see other people). The hope is that the effort may encourage less isolation and feelings of loneliness in elderly and single populations — Read

Documentaries to Understand Race. Here’s a freshly curated list of several documentaries that cover issues of racism, injustice, discrimination, and privilege (that span several continents). Let us know which ones you’ve seen or plan to watch — Watch

Local Crisis Units in Eugene Tend to Those Living on the Streets. A two-year old news article is picking up steam again this week — in Eugene, a small college town in Oregon with a population of 180,000, a radical program was created between the White Bird Clinic and Eugene Police Department. How does it work? For nearly 20% of police calls — police are *no longer* the first responders on the scene — Read

Preventing Perinatal Depression Before it Starts. Did you know depression during pregnancy or after childbirth affects every 1 in 7 women? The US preventive services task force concluded a recent study and issued new guidelines to better prevent “perinatal depression” — Read

Our Community

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Online Yiddish Newsletter Honors C2C’s Alexx Shilling. One of our movement instructors, Alexx Shilling, was featured in an online newsletter published by Yiddishkayt — an organization based in Los Angeles dedicated to the Yiddish culture, history and activism — More

Digital Studio Turned Stage. Please join us for our second hosting of Jeanine T. Abraham’s play Natural, performed live in her Core to Coeur digital studio on June 18 starting at 6:00PM PST, with the opportunity for brave conversation to follow. In Jeanine’s previous performance we welcomed over 30 attendees, so register early! Grab a drink and be in community for this very special event — RSVP

Free Childcare / First Responders. Cisco and other companies have come together to sponsor four free childcare centers for frontline workers. This initiative is just one part of a wholistic approach to providing care for some of society’s most crucial members — More

Core to Coeur Live from Oregon! Join CEO + Co-Founder Madison Page for a live Female Founders Fireside Chat on Wednesday, 9:00AM PST, hosted by Ariel Ruben of RAIN — an Oregon-state sponsored program to help entrepreneurs thrive. Other panelists include founder of Latinx salsa and food company Aida Food and rural brew pub 1188 Brewing CompanyMore

This section is always reserved for important updates in our movement community! Want to be featured in our next edition? Tell us what’s going on in your world by emailing us at

Final Notes

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Since inception, Core to Coeur has always been a space to reimagine access to exceptional wellness classes. We are currently in conversations with our teachers on ways we can do even more on this front. If you are a student or someone interested in providing financial assistance to support the healing and self care for our BIPOC community, please email us for more information on ways you can get involved.

Thanks for being part of our launch story, and we can’t wait to see YOU in class. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get more involved as a teacher or new student — check us out on, or email us, follow us on Twitter, or DM us on Instagram!

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Core to Coeur is the marketplace for teaching and taking live movement, wellness, and fitness.

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