Core to Coeur’s Credit System

Want to learn more about Core to Coeur’s credit system? We’ve put together a few quick tips to help you better understand how they work — and get you moving in no time!

What are credits?

Credits are the system of payment on Core to Coeur — you may be familiar with this system if you use services like Audible or ClassPass. Once you have a few, credits on Core to Coeur allow you to take class from any digital studio on Core to Coeur, no matter what type, time, or teacher you like!

Do I need a monthly subscription to have credits?

Nope! We understand many students are interested in the pay-as-you-go model to try out different classes before they’re ready to sign up for a monthly subscription. Simply create your free account, go to your “My C2C” page, click on My Credits and select the Pay As You Go Box.

If you don’t have a monthly subscription plan, you can still purchase credits in any amount at any time!

How much are individual credits worth?

The general rule of thumb for using credits on Core to Coeur:

1 Credit = $5.00

However, you are able to get discounts on credits if you purchase a subscription plan of 50 credits per month or more!

Which subscription plan is better for group classes vs. private classes?

For students looking to only take group classes, we recommend purchasing a monthly subscription plan from the top row of plans (10–30 credits per month). Depending on the plan, this will cover anywhere between 3–10 group classes per month!

For students looking to only take private classes, we recommend purchasing a monthly subscription plan from the bottom row of plans (50–90 credits per month). Depending on the plan, this will cover anywhere between 4–8 private classes per month!

Which subscription plan is better for beginners vs. advanced?

Whether you’re just beginning your movement and wellness journey — or already an expert — accomplishing a goal takes time.

Often, we get excited about a new program. We commit for two or three weeks. We then recognize how difficult it is to actually follow through and quit it all together. The cycle repeats, more times than not, creating a negative relationship with movement, exercise, and sometimes our bodies and ourselves. If we were to compare C2C to the tortoise and the hare fable, C2C is the ultimate tortoise approach. We know success comes from steady, incremental change.

Take on only as much as you can realistically handle is the key to creating a good habit here. If this sounds like you, we recommend taking one to two group or private classes a week to start. Remember, you can always buy more credits or change your subscription in months to come. If you’re not going through them like you’d originally hoped — don’t sweat it! Pause your membership to catch up. Remember — credits are yours for up to 12 months of the purchase date.

Understood — okay, let’s talk dollars. What’s the best monthly subscription value for my money?

This is a trick question (sorry everyone). Most of us want a quick fix when it comes to health and wellness. It’s no wonder- our cultural messaging relies on selling us instant gratification in all kinds of products and services. But our bodies are not made that way. Like cars, they require consistent maintenance and care. The two things your body will need to improve is time and money. It can sometimes feel difficult to spend money on intangible things. But we encourage you to think of your body as an investment. You can’t see how your money will accrue if you put in $1 a week in your savings account into stocks. But after 10 years, you will see the importance of your diligence, consistency and commitment to putting away that small amount of money. Same goes for your health: show up for your body by putting in the time and money. Trust us — your hard work will pay off.

Core to Coeur: Online Classes to Meet and Move

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